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Technical Training


Training with us at Premier Golf Academy is unlike anything you have experienced before.  Our highly specialized training format develops golfers that perform and compete at the top level in amateur and professional golf.   We teach customized sequential learning programs and effective practice plans. Our team of highly experienced and professional instructors, athletic trainers, mental coaches, and educators deliver very individualized programs to each student.  Our programs are designed to give each student the same type of training and support that professional golfers like Jordan Speith and Rory McIlroy receive from their team.

Premier Golf Academy delivers complete training programs that give students the perfect environment, support, and professional instruction you need to guarantee success.  Students going through our program have great success.  Our students excel and win at every level from high school to university and professional golf.


At Premier Golf Academy we believe in the holistic approach with our students. The holistic approach looks at all aspects of the individual—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The interaction between a coach and an athlete is a very important relationship. When we are involved as a coach in an athlete’s life, we are not just agreeing to instruct the athlete or make them faster, stronger, and play better. We are also agreeing to build trust, care about their hardships, help them overcome challenges and ultimately take an interest in them as a person as well as an athlete.


There are as many ways of successfully swinging a golf club as there are professionals on tour, so how can there be a perfect swing model. The answer is they all do the key motions in a very efficient manner.

We all have basically the same bones, joints, muscles and tendons. Our bodies are designed to work in the same way. It’s true that every individual is unique and has some personal tendencies that work best for them. It is also true that there is a most efficient way to move our body, to effectively swing a golf club in order to send the golf ball to the target powerfully, accurately, and consistently.

You can play golf at the high level with an inefficient swing — but it requires a huge amount of practice and you’re limiting yourself from reaching your full potential. The only way that you can get away with their inefficient and poor movements is through great timing and coordination. In the long run inefficient motions will greatly increase the risk of injury.

At every level, golf gets a lot easier when you reduce complexity in your swing, when you rely less on timing, and when you use your body as efficiently and safely as possible. The most effective golf swing will enable you to consistently lower your scores, win more tournaments, and enjoy the game more.

Private Lessons – This is instruction time you spend with the coach in our golf academy.  Here we will work on the sequential lesson program and create an effective practice program for you.

Small Group Instruction – Maximum 4:1 small group instruction places students in groups to compete with each other and perform drill training that is specific to their own customized improvement program.

On Course Instruction – A vital step in the improvement process is on course instruction.  Here the instructor will analyze your strengths and weakness, given you mental and course management training, and help you with swing technique and adjustments you need to make playing different lies and situations.

Online Academy  – An important part of the improvement process is feedback.  After each lesson we will create a video review for you to use when you practice.  Our online academy allows you to watch these videos on your computer, Ipad, or smart phone at anytime.   Included in your online academy are your lesson reviews, swing drills, practice drills, and the ability to take videos.

Specific Practice Plans – Each student has an specific and individual practice plan to maximize their improvement and speed the road to success.  Weekly students are evaluated and practice plans are updated and adjusted as student master changes they are making.

High Tech Training – Your instruction program includes analysis and training using best high tech training equipment available.  Used the world over by the Top Professional Players,  High Tech Training allows you to more accurately understand and train the swing motion.

High Tech Center

Premier Golf Academy uses the best in Training and Analysis equipment available to help our students train like the professionals.  High technology training is a vital part of a student’s practice and improvement plan.  We utilize high technology equipment to accurately measure and diagnose body motion, club motion, and swing efficiency.  This analysis gives the students a clear understanding of what they are doing and what they need to improve.  Our team creates training programs based on proven mechanical efficiencies and we regularly track the results and adjust training when needed.

The High Tech Center at PGA offers:
•    Flight Scope X3
•    KVests
•    Sam Putt Lab
•    V1 4 Camera Tour Video System
•    Focus band
•    Quintic Ball Roll
•    Quintic Bio Mechanic
•    BodiTrak
•    Perfect Putting Machine
•    Arccoss 360
•    Blast Motion

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