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Welcome to Premier Golf Academy


Premier Golf Academy is a private, elite Golf and Academic Preparatory Academy located in San Diego, California. Our Full Time Junior Golf Program integrates academics, golf, fitness, and mental training with personal development. The academy’s location and environment enables us to offer uniquely valuable experiences to our students and to support them in their golf, personal, social, and intellectual lives. Our team members guide students to mastering their golf skills, acquiring knowledge, and thinking critically, creatively, and independently. Our goal is to help each student to reach their potential and to achieve all their dreams on and off the golf course. The Full-Time Junior Program at Premier Golf Academy is for juniors that want to be the best, train like the professionals, and prepare for college or professional golf careers.

There is no better place and no better program for your child to prepare for the future.

Juniors coming through our program have great success. Our students excel and win at every level from high school to university and professional golf.

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