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Summer Intensive

Summer Schedule:

Week 1: June 18-24
Week 2: June 25-July
Week 3: July 2-8
Week 4: July 9-15
Week 5: July 16-22
Week 6: July 23-29
Week 7: July 30-August 5
Week 8: August 6-12
Week 9: August 13-19
Week 10: August 20-26

English Schools can be booked for 2, 3, 4 or 8-week programs. Our training follows a progress training model. Each week you stay builds on the previous weeks training ensuring maximum improvement. The longer you stay in the program, the greater the result.

2-Week School – Students adjust to new training schedule; get comfortable with our training system, and processing information. Improvement is notable.

3-Week School – Students start to show great improvement. They have a good understanding of the processes and study techniques and skills they have learned.

4-Week School – Students are developing great confidence in their learning and performance. They notice measurable improvement in confidence, pronunciation, vocabulary, and speaking.

8-Week School – Students develop an understanding of what it is like to live and study in America. Speaking, writing, and reading topics covered become instinctual allowing the student to comfortably and naturally use new English.


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