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Full Time Junior School

Premier Golf Academy is a private, elite Golf and Academic Preparatory Academy located in San Diego, California. Our Full Time Junior Golf Program integrates academics, golf, fitness, and mental training with personal development for children 10 to 18 year old. The academy’s location and environment enables us to offer uniquely valuable experiences to our students and to support them in their golf, personal, social, and intellectual lives. Our team members guide students to mastering their golf skills, acquiring knowledge, and thinking critically, creatively, and independently. Our goal is to help each student to reach their potential and to achieve all their dreams on and off the golf course.

The Full-Time Junior Program at Premier Golf Academy is for juniors that want to be the best, train like the professionals, and prepare for college or professional golf careers. There is no better place and no better program for your child to prepare for the future. Juniors coming through our program have great success. Our students excel and win at every level from high school to university and professional golf.


At Premier Golf Academy we believe in the holistic approach with our students. The holistic approach looks at all aspects of the individual—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The interaction between a coach and an athlete is a very important relationship. When we are involved as a coach in an athlete’s life, we are not just agreeing to instruct the athlete or make them faster, stronger, and play better. We are also agreeing to build trust, care about their hardships, help them overcome challenges and ultimately take an interest in them as a person as well as an athlete.

The starting point in this process for each student is an in depth evaluation. Our whole team is involved to evaluate the student technically, physically, and mentally to determine strengths and weakness. We then create a custom improvement plan for each student that includes private, small group, and classroom training. Students are tracked weekly for performance and improvement and adjustments to their plan are made as they progress.

During the week our Full-Time students have the unique advantage of attending Tri City Christian School for their academic program, followed by spending the remaining portion of their day training with our highly skilled and experienced coaching team. On the weekends students can join our traveling team for tournament competitions or spend the time playing and training at our facilities.



San Diego, California

The Tour Training Facility at PGA is a world class training facility custom designed to provide our students with best possible situation to learn, practice, and improve their golf. Our students are able to train with the most advance high tech equipment available in golf and practice in the conditions they will face.

Our private practice area:

  • 4 Putting Greens
  • 3 short game practice areas
  • 2 Grass full swing practice areas
  • Fairway and Greenside practice bunkers
  • High Tech Indoor/Outdoor Teaching Studio
  • High Tech Indoor/ Outdoor Putting Studio
  • Indoor Fitting Studio
  • Luxury Classroom on site for study and classroom based learning.
  • Championship 18 hole course on site. Twin Oaks Golf Club as well as access to 8 other academy courses within 30 minutes


High Tech Center

Premier Golf Academy uses the best in Training and Analysis equipment available to help our students train like the professionals. High technology training is a vital part of a student’s practice and improvement plan. We utilize high technology equipment to accurately measure and diagnose body motion, club motion, and swing efficiency. This analysis gives the students a clear understanding of what they are doing and what they need to improve. Our team creates training programs based on proven mechanical efficiencies and we regularly track the results and adjust training when needed.

The High Tech Center at PGA offers:

  • Flight Scope X3

  • Sam Putt Lab Tour

  • V1 4 Camera Tour Video System

  • Bodi Trak

  • Focus Band

  • Arccoss Performance Tracking

  • KVests

  • Quintic Ball Roll


Personal Development

Personal development activities improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Our personal development frameworks include setting goals or benchmarks that define the end-points, strategies and plans for reaching goals, measurement and assessment of our progress, levels or stages that define milestones along a development path, and a feedback system to provide information on changes.

Golf Psychology

Our athletes are trained to out think their opponents on the golf course. Through regular classroom learning and mental development exercises, we teach our students to overcome mental barriers, take their practice game to tournaments, and boost their golf confidence. Mental Development, is what allows the mind and body to work together in perfect synchrony; it’s what helps athletes play with confidence, focus, motivation, and resiliency while minimizing nerves and anxiety.

Champions Mindset

Our athletes learn to think well and order their habits of mind as a competitive athlete at an early age. We establish rituals and routines early in their life that create comfort and peace of mind during pressure-filled situations. We use a combination of classroom time, individual one-on-one coaching and advanced strategies to empower each athlete to leverage the capabilities of his subconscious mind in commanding consistent high performance. For our young athletes, we also focus on identity and character formation, where self-discipline, confidence and poise are the deliverables. This facet of our system creates a strong competitive advantage for our athletes.

Course Management – Strategy

Every golf decision involves a trade-off between risk and reward. Understanding these risks and rewards is the key to creating the best strategy for each golf course and condition we face. We teach our students these techniques and strategies through classroom lessons and on course instructions. Students use these lessons for creating plans for their tournament rounds and practice.

Practice Habits

Expert-level performance is primarily the result of expert-level practice NOT due to innate talent. Teaching our students how to practice like an expert is one of the most important skills they will learn and vital to them reaching their full potential. Students practice is monitored and recorded weekly to ensure students are utilizing their practice time to achieve maximum results.





Premier Golf Academy & Velocity Sports Performance in San Diego partnered to provide the most comprehensive Athletic and Performance Development system available. Premier Golf Academy students have complete access to their fully-integrated system of training, mindset, nutrition and recovery, both at Velocity Pro Training facility and onsite at Premier Golf Academy. Our students will gain a tremendous advantage in their path of development with this partnership.

Performance Training

Physical training is preparation for competition, and must be rigorous and strenuous, while instilling a passion for training in the younger athlete. The “stress” applied in training is designed to produce powerful adaptations in each athlete that lead to predictable growth in their capacity to produce high performance, both on and off the field of play. Our training breeds the “total athlete”, with strength, power, flexibility and endurance tailored to essential human movements, and the unique demands of golf. As a result, our athletes are confident, poised and resilient, and continually look for opportunities to compete and win under any conditions.

Optimized Nutrition

As important to athlete development as their performance training and physical preparation, nutrition is the foundation of all strength, performance, and recovery. We teach and coach our athletes early and often on how to optimize their intake, quality, and supplementation to feed their bodies and minds for high performance. We provide meal plans, shopping guides, meal preparation and even delivery for those clients wanting the very best for their quest to optimize their health, wellness and performance.


Enhanced Recovery

The athlete that recovers the fastest is always the best athlete. We coach our athletes on how to properly and prudently integrate recovery protocols ranging from sleep quality, breathing and meditation, infrared sauna, cryotherapy, stretching and soft tissue work,. With our focus developing elite-level youth athletes, we take great pride in helping our clients and their families cut through all the hype of various modalities to use that which is most efficacious and beneficial. We also have a strong network of sports medicine professionals in the event of pain, injury and rehabilitation needs that may arise.

Tri-City Christian School

Student / Athletes

The best collegiate golf programs demand top tier student athletes. Our Full-Time Junior Program is structured to prepare students both academically and athletically to give them every opportunity to be successful. Students learning to balance the demands of academics and golf, play the game they love while meeting their educational responsibilities.

Premier Golf Academy is partnered with one of the best Private College Preparatory Schools in the area to provide our students with the academic excellence they need to reach their goals. Tri City Christian Schools is a K-12 institution, which has a long history of preparing students for the rigors of college. They are very flexible with the ability to offer different academic plans based on students needs and are well equipped to handle international students.

Because the college admissions process is vitally important, our program begins in the 7th grade. This is done to inform our students and parents of the opportunities and requirements they should know and understand to prepare them for college in the future.

Prospective Premier Golf Academy students will have the option to tour the school during a P.G.A. site visit. Tri-City Christian School is a Christ-centered, college preparatory, educational community that partners with parents in pursuing excellence for the glory of God. Click here to see the admissions requirements and process at TCCS.


We know college is important to you, which is why it is important to us, too. Premier Golf Academy College Planning & Placement has decades of experience finding the right college for students. This is a process that starts in the 7th grade planning our academic and athletic blueprint for success. We set monthly and yearly goals students are guided to achieving.

Our University Planning & Placement program works with all full-time Academy students to create an individualized roadmap to reach their goal of studying and playing their sport at the collegiate level. This is accomplished through college planning, athletic recruiting, SAT/ACT/TOEFL registration, academic support and NCAA compliance education. We work with our partner schools to monitor student grades, make scheduling recommendations and send transcripts to colleges, coaches and to the NCAA.

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