Tour Preparation for Adults

Typical Training Schedule
Premier Golf Academy offers 2 Post Graduate Training Schedules.

For those students that can fully dedicate themselves to golf we offer a 40 hour a week training program with Tournament Play on the weekends.

The Tour Player Preparatory program is for aspiring professional players wanting to make the jump to the Elite level of professional golf. There is a fine line that separates the best players in the world from the top amateur golfers.

The Tour Player Preparatory program at Premier Golf Academy fills those gaps in your performance and speeds up your process to success. Our team will create a personalized training program that includes Technical Instruction, On Course Management, Mindset and Mental Preparation, Physical Fitness Testing and Training, and Tournament Planning and Participation. We create the road map and guide you to take your game to the highest level.

High Tech Center

Premier Golf Academy uses the best in Training and Analysis equipment available to help our students train like the professionals. High technology training is a vital part of a student’s practice and improvement plan. We utilize high technology equipment to accurately measure and diagnose body motion, club motion, and swing efficiency. This analysis gives the students a clear understanding of what they are doing and what they need to improve. Our team creates training programs based on proven mechanical efficiencies and we regularly track the results and adjust training when needed.

The High Tech Center at PGA offers:
• Flight Scope X3
• KVests
• Sam Putt Lab
• V1 4 Camera Tour Video System
• Focus band
• Quintic Ball Roll
• Quintic Bio Mechanic
• BodiTrak
• Perfect Putting Machine
• Arccoss 360
• Blast Motion

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