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Playing Lessons from Top 25 Elite Junior Coach – Bret Knutson

Playing Lessons

by Bret Knutson PGA Of America Certified Professional and Top 25 Junior Elite Coach

Premier Golf Academy – San Diego, CA

Serious Training for Serious Junior Golfers

Playing Lessons

Playing golf to your best ability requires much more than just a good swing motion and practice.  It requires you to understand strategy, decision making skills, ability to adjust to conditions, mental processes, practical use of what you learned at the range, routines, and proper attitude.  Playing lesson are the vital step in the process that allow to reach your golfing potential.

During a playing lesson we focus on:

  • mental processes
  • course management and strategy
  • proper attitude and attitude management
  • practical use of skills learned
  • pre-shot routine
  • shot selection
  • club selection
  • reading greens
  • uneven and bad lies
  • trouble shots
  • rules of golf
  • etiquette

Playing lessons are not designed to focus on the golf swing or mechanics as we do that instruction on the practice facility. At Premier Golf Academy our observation of the children’s performance gives us a clear picture how they are progressing with their swing changes and what area’s we need to focus on more during the range lessons.

What happens during a typical playing lesson?

Before the round starts we discuss goals for the day and set our attitude to succeed.  We start the round knowing we will hit some bad shots today and we are prepared to handle that in a positive way and correct our mistakes.  We also discuss strategy and condition that will affect our play, like wind, temperature, rain, and others.  During the round we are watching the processes, routines, and decision making the children use.   We discuss with them our decision making and thought processes for the shots we hit so they can understand better how good players think.  I ask them to watch my routine and how I handle bad shots and missed putts.  We help them with all these skills while they play, when they make a mistake we talk with them about why they did this and what they should have done.  We play games and compete against each other to simulate tournament conditions.  The skills listed above are just as important and have as big of an effect on score as the golf swing technique does.  At the tournament level these skills are more important than a good golf swing.

Premier Golf Academy – San Diego, CA

Serious Training for Serious Junior Golfers

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