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PGA Junior Tour

Premier Junior Golf Tour is a professionally run developmental Junior Tournament Series for local and International Junior Golfers.  The goal of our tour is to give children, no matter their ability level, the experience and atmosphere of playing in a high level event.  College bound players can showcase their abilities and add valuable resume exposure by competing with the best players from around the world. Click HERE for more details and pricing.

Tournament Dates

July 23rd at Twin Oaks                                     11:00am tee times

July 30th at Woods Valley                              11:00am tee times

August 6th at Reidy Creek                             11:00am tee times

August 12th and 13th at Twin Oaks              11:00am tee times

August 20th at RBI                                             11:00am tee times


Age Groups – Boys and Girls

10 and under


14 – 18

Age Division Assignments
Juniors are required to play in the age division that matches their age at the time of the event.

Caddies will be permitted in the 10-Under age group.

Code of Conduct Policy
All Junior Golfers are expected to exhibit sportsmanlike conduct as well as show respect for facilities, staff and fellow members at all times. The use of tobacco, alcohol or controlled substances is strictly prohibited. Any Junior Golfer who behaves in violation of this policy may be subject to tournament disqualification. Infractions of the Code of Conduct policy by a member’s parent(s) or guardian(s) may also subject the player to the above mentioned consequences.

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