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Tournament Program

Each week your children will have the opportunity to travel with our team and compete in Junior Tournaments. This is a great opportunity for them to learn what it is like to prepare and compete in USA golf. For older children wishing to pursue a University career, it is vital that they establish a record of competition in the USA and make the contacts they will need to pursue a university golf scholarship.

playing golf tournaments

  • We help students to mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare for events.
  • We help students to create Course Management Plan and set goals.
  • We help students build player profile and meet college coaches.
  • We do Post Tournament Review and Improvement Plan.

PGA Junior Development Tour (12 & under) – 9 hole beginner level
Future Champions Tour (8 to 18 years old) – 18 hole intermediate to advance
PGA Players Tour (12 to 18 years old) – 18-36 hole Championship Events
AJGA Tour (12 to 18 years old) – 36-72 hole Elite Level Events

  • Tournament Entry Fee is extra.
  • Tournament Preparations and daily coaching are in place of normal training schedule.


Earning a golf scholarship is more than just about shooting low scores. It’s a process that our golf school program helps students navigate that starts as early as age 12. It’s about shooting the scores in the right tournaments and making the correct contacts. Don’t expect to be found just because you are playing in tournaments. We must make the effort to get in contact with college golf coaches and continually update them when you have significant tournament results to report. College golf coaches want to recruit athletes who have great potential and strong fundamentals. Showing your potential goes beyond just playing golf. Having good grades, demonstrating strong personal skills, and character will help open up more opportunities. We look forward to guiding you though this process and helping you to achieve your dreams.

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